Boots - XXL

Some years ago, I started loosing nails from the toes on skitours because the ski boots were too small for my feet. The boots' size (Alfa Skarvet GTX) was already 49, the largest. All other boots for BC-bindings (Fischer, Crispi) weren't larger, I tried them whenever possible in every shop I came across. I wrote also an email to Lundhags to ask wether they will ever produce the larger sized boots they offer, but I didn't get any answer. From the local shop I got the offer of help and the hint to come in september. In the beginning of the season the maximum number of models and sizes should be available. So I came back and tried Lundhags hiking boots in size 48., they were perhaps slightly better but not yet perfect, now the size can be fixed to size 48 or 49 on Lundhags boots.. The shop ordered for me one pair of skiing boots (BC-binding) in the maximum produced size of 48 and one pair of another kind with NN75-binding in size 49.

One week later they called me to say that the BC-style boots in size 48 were out of stock in Norway and they would instead send NN75-style boots also in size 48. One pair was the last from stock, the other the penumiltate.

Ten days later I got the SMS from the shop - the boots had arrived. I was able to choose the ones that really fit best because I hat to change the bindings on the skis in any case. Finally it became the model Lundhags Guide Expedition 75 in size 49 - they fit.

My new skiing boots, Lundhags Guide Expedition 75, size 49, UK14.

The next thing to do was procurement of some special Rottefella bindings models 412, Cobra R4 or Riva3. These model were recommended by the boot manufacturer but mostly out of production since 10 years or more. The model Chili is still in production but only fits for boots up to size 47, no sense. I reviewed some reviews, became an expert on telemark bindings and ordered from classifieds and online-shops two pairs 412 (medium), one pair Riva 3 (long) and one pair Cobra R4 (long). Maybe that was a little much but I hope the will last until the end of my life.

The long sizes should fit with boots up to size 52, but I wasn't succesful in assembling. Wherefore I asked for help in the norwegian fjellforum: the problem was known, binding size long is already to small for boots in size 48 because the boots are extremely large because of the isolated inner-shoe. Shit happens.

As one can easily recognize the binding is too short for the large boots, shown is the binding Rottefella Cobra R4. The cable replacement was easy because the workshop could make cables with the appropriate threaded pieces at the end (not shown). Now they fit to the boots but are a little bit heavy, the Cobra R4 is much more heavier than the Riva 3 or 412.

So the new task was to adapt the bindings to larger boots. A standard spare part is the steel cable, it is easy to change, not very expensive and needs only to be some cm longer. But you cannot manufacture it with common toys because the fixations with press clamps at the endings transmit the traction and have therefore to be fixed really hard! I didn' found any suitable workshop for this work in Berlin but a company nearby Leipzig made it for me. They workers there were very engaged and I've got a set of handmade special long cables, the price was only twice the standard short product.  Unfortunately the wires and the jackets don't have absolutely the same diameters as the original cables and I had to get little different ones compared to the original ones.

Alle the cables for the Rottefella Riva 3 and 412 bindings.

Top: original, steel wire with 2 mm diameter, with jacket 4 mm

Middle: Manufactured, steel wire with 3 mm, jacket 4 mm

Bottom: Manufactured, steel wire with 2 mm, jacket 3 mm

The diameter of the press clamp end is always 4 mm.

The last task was to prepare matching lock washers. The original ones have a diameter of 8 mm, are 2,5 mm thick and have a slit of 2 mm - and the new ones' slit has to be 3 mm to fit on the cable. The first idea was to glue several washers together, but this was not very successfull becaus the glue didn't hold properly. Finally I took a stainless steel rod of 8 mm diameter, mill a slit in it with a Dremel and sawed the piece with the required length off.

Three kind of lock washers.

Top left: 3 original ones with a 2 mm slot

Top right: 1 handmade with a 3 mm slot from a washer

Bottom: 4 handmade ones with 3 mm slots, made from a  8mm rod

Stainless steel rod with a slot, easy to clamp in a vice.

The real last step was to assemble everything and mount the bindings on the ski and on the short spare ski. Finally everything went well!

The new lock wash on the new cable.

The blue skis are my new Fischer E99 Easy-Skin skis, they follow my old Åsnes Amundsen Expedition which broke in march 2019 nearby the Finnish-Norwegian-Russian border.

The white skis are my first backcountry skis Madshus, they are shortened at the backend and will serve now as spare skis in my pulk.